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The revolutionary process that recycles 

used textiles into brand new apparel

The world has made some pretty major
commitments to clothes recycling by 2030. As it stands, they won’t be achieved.

Hampered by the need to chemically separate

components the existing process is costly, wasteful

and time consuming. It also results in a loss of quality.

The problem needs leftfield thinking. That’s 
where we come in. At Greencose we’ve taken
the standard methodology, kept the best bits
and rethought just about everything else.

The result is
a step change.

We’ve developed a revolutionary process that recycles used textiles into 
brand new apparel. A process that works for complex blends and poorly sorted waste that no other garment-recycling technology can handle.

Our system coats a recycled core to create a bi-component fibre that counterbalances the loss

in quality.

The result looks and feels like

cotton but is actually even more resistant and almost wrinkle free

in fact.

With Greencose the world now has the possibility to transform used textile into raw apparel.

And that makes those ambitious commitments for 2030 start to look attainable.


So what is it to be...

Landfill or Leftfield?

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